L'effetto della causa - Galleria Eroici Furori Milano 28 maggio -19 giugno 2015

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1992 serie sky - ruolo Bibi mainaghi

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La solita commedia da marzo 2015 al cinema!!!!!!

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( one month) From Dicember 18th 2014 ' Bulding Bridges gallery ' at Bergamot Station Los angeles Portraits of the unconscious

by Tea Falco 15. December 2014 11:30


Portrait of Everything


How is it possible?  Suddenly I am happy.

Nothing has happened, but something has changed-- and now I am inside of everything.

I look at another and imagine that we occupy the same brain and when we are close to each other, the intimate connection felt is more than just an internal sensation-- it is the entire purpose of existence.

We are merely extensions of each other-- we can be.

Look into each other's eyes, without fear, without competition and without pretense-- we are different, but the same.

My understanding of empathy makes me want to understand people-- as if this feeling, of connecting myself to others, is all I have.

This way I am no longer scared, this way I am happy.




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memories me and you

by Tea Falco 15. December 2014 11:22

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Clouds over clown ' Next Exibition in dicember 5th Italian Tramer gallery in L A '

by Tea Falco 1. December 2014 04:29

 “clown over clouds, clouds under clown”


dal mio aereo ho visto naviganti su barche, uomini con barbe e bastoni di legno, erano fatti di nuvole. e se fosse questo il paradiso? quando muoriamo diventiamo nuvole sulle nuvole?

poi c’è il clown che gioca a diventare gli altri, perché possiede solo se stesso ma aspira a unirsi con il tutto. il tutto sono gli altri.

il pagliaccio e' sopra le nuvole: se la terra è il mio corpo, il cielo è la mia testa, le nuvole sotto il pagliaccio sono solo un gioco di parole di pensieri . possiamo essere qualsiasi cosa. un pagliaccio che sceglie di essere triste, un pagliaccio che sceglie di essere felice.

e questi naviganti vanno e io vado.


from the plane i saw sailors on ships, men with beards and wooden sticks, they were all made of clouds. what if this was paradise? when we die, do we become clouds in theclouds?

then there's the clown that plays to become like the others,because he has only himself but he aspires to become part of the whole.

the whole, are all the rest. the clown is above the clouds : if the earth is my body, the sky is my head, the clouds under the clown are just a game of words and thoughts. and these sailors leave and i leave too.





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happy sunday

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Clouds over clown 'Next Exibition in dicember 5th Italian Tramer gallery in L A '

by Tea Falco 14. November 2014 01:26


5th Dicember Italian Tramer gallery west Hollywood Los angeles

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i believe california can save me, but i believe i can save california too

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